Sam Dakil

Video Editor - Local 700


Crash Animation!

        Back in the film school days, I was lucky enough to participate in fun events like 48 film festivals and procrastination-based final project that always lead to inevitable all-nighters. This weekend I got to throwback to those days when I committed to completing an animation from concept to final delivery in just 48 hours. It all started Friday afternoon when I received a referral from my friends over at Pots N Pans Films. Their client realized they needed a little sizzle of their roster for a Monday morning meeting. After work on Friday I got started on the boards and was able to begin prepping the animation by Saturday, spending the day working out a few unsuspected kinks with the logos and media. Sunday was AfterEffects-city and Client feedback, culminating in Sunday evening’s delivery. It was a little stressful working under the gun but completing such an intricate process in such a short amount of time was very rewarding.

Directing and editing for the holiday season.

        Christmas came early this year when I was asked to direct and edit the Holiday Video for the Talent Agency my girlfriend works at. I had the opportunity to work with some really talented people who had no reason to listen to a chump like me, but did anyways. They included SNL alum Rachel Dratch, Cinderella Broadway star Laura Osnes, and the super cool Michael Urie from Ugly Betty.  The final project screened in NY and LA at both holiday parties and was trafficked around various offices. Due to the nature of the cast, the clients, and the high volume of traffic my blog elicits, I have been asked not to publicly post the final project.


Visiting LA

        The first thing you learn as an  NYU freshman is how to correctly pronounce Houston street. The second is that everything on the West Coast is inferior and should be avoided at all cost. This Memorial Day weekend my girlfriend and I decided to put this theory to the test. We set out to spend a few days in Los Angeles, catching up with old friends, seeing the sights, and engaging in our favorite pastime -  arguing about directions in the car. After several days of fun in the sun, getting lost, and eating avocados with every meal, we came to realize that our educational bedrock was in fact inaccurate. Though the whole trip was a blast, highlights included margaritas on the water in Santa Monica, seeing my cousin Jason, and having “the Sherminator” from the American Pie movies serve us sushi.


Introduction to blogging

        Hey! Welcome to the blog portion of my Homepage. I intend to post quick updates from various post-production adventures and quickly chronicle some of the back-stories behind the exhilarating life of a video editor. I am a little embarrassed to be starting a blog in 2013 as I feel like it is a such a throw back activity like burning a CD or having cable.

If you are still reading this there is an overwhelming chance you are my mom.